Parking Lot Guide

Yeosu Airport can park 412 vehicles at one time, and has parking spaces dedicated to compact cars and the handicapped. Free parking for up to 10 minutes is available.

  • Open everyday from 07:30AM ~ 19:00PM(Nighttime exit possible/Use fare adjustment machine)
  • Enter the parking lot after your license plate number is recognized and the crossing gate opens, and exit by either settling your fare at the parking lot exit or by settling your fare and receiving a receipt using a fare adjustment machine within the passenger terminal.(Nighttime exit is also possible.)

Phone Number of the Parking Lot Information Center

  • Daytime : 061)689-6255
  • Nighttime : 061)689-6309
  • Korea Airports Corporation’s Yeosu Branch Management Team 061)689-6313, 6314

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