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Location : 386 Yeosun-ro, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do / Geographical Location : Northern latitude 34˚50´24˝ Eastern longitude 127˚36´57˝ Altitude 4m

Comprehensive Airport Guide(Automated Voice Guide) : 1661-2626

By Car :
From the Suncheon IC on the Namhae Expressway enter to the left towards the ‘Yeosu,Yulchon' direction, follow Mupyeong-ro for 10.17km and then at Path 202 on Route 17 turn right towards Yeosu and follow Indeok-ro for 1.28km. At the Hodu Three-Way Intersection turn left towards the ‘Yeosu Airport’ direction. After following Yeosun-ro for 9.19km, enter to the right towards the ’Yeosu Airport’ direction and arrive after 619m

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