Airport Arrival :

You can find faster access by entering through Gate 2 on the 2nd floor.
You can access the airport more conveniently if you use the elevators in front of Gate 1 and Gate 4 on the 1st and 2nd floor.

Handicap Restroom :

They are located at Gate 1 and Gate 4 on both the 1st and 2nd floors.

Wheelchair Rental :

Inquire by calling 314 on a phone on the premises or at the airline counter. Available for use at all times.

  • Contact Information : 033-670-7314, 033-672-7116
When You Need Help :

Call 119 on a phone on the premises. The airport’s fire and emergency department will be dispatched immediately.

  • Contact Information : 033-670-7318~7319
Security Search & Boarding :

There is a priority search stand arranged for those accompanied by the handicapped·elderly
You can access priority boarding by following the instructions of the crew at the front of the boarding gate.


Public Transport & Parking Lot Use :
[ Bus Use ]

Intercity Bus operation (In front of Gate 1 on the 1st floor)

  • Kangwon Passenger : 033-633-3363
[ Taxi Use ]

If you come out of Gate 1 on the 1st floor and cross the road you will be at the taxi stand. If there are no taxis please call a call-taxi.

  • Yangyang Call-Taxi : 033-671-2366
Parking lot usage is free.

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