01.Privacy Statements

  1. 01.Privacy Statements
  2. 02.Enter your information
  3. 03.Registration Completed

01.Privacy Statements

In the Korea Airports Corporation web page, we collect the personal information separated by required information and optional information as below for the sake of providing service like sending the processing results from the customer support, Inconvenience, convenience, customer proposals, etc.

1. Required items to be collected

* Required items: name, mobile phone number, e-mail address, date of birth

2. Purposes of Collection and Use
  • In order to secure a path for good communication within the customer(ex) deliver the information about processing result that is received from the Voice ofCustomer, etc.)
3. Period of retention and use
  • After processing the customer’s answer, customer’s personal information will be destructed automatically when the period of retain (2 years) with the purpose of statistics and business management is expired.
  • period of retaining: 2 years

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