Project background

  • As an airport operator acknowledged in many prestigious awards like ATRS Airport Excellence Efficiency Award, ACI Service Evaluation, KAC aims to contribute to the development of world’s aviation industry by sharing its know-hows in many fields like O&M, Consultancy, R&D technologies and etc.
  • Since the size of the aviation market is growing steadily, many new airport projects like development of new airports or renovation of existing airports are expected to come out worldwide

KAC Business Scope

  • KAC can give a “special solution” in airport business fields across the Airport Development, Operation, R&D and Capacity Building.
Airport Development Operation Research & Development Capacity Building
Master Plan
Feasibility Study
* Operational Readiness & Transfer
Landside Operation
- Concession
- Airline Marketing
- Security System
- Passenger Service
- Site Development
Airside Operation
- Landing & Take-off
- Ground Handling
Airport IT system
Air NAVAIDs System
Airfield Lighting Sys.
- ILCMS, LED Airfield Lighting
Airport Facilities
- Passenger Boarding Bridge
- Baggage Handling System
Pavement Mgmt Sys
Training has been done for more than 1,300 people & 117 countries so far
ASTC* is the only Civil Aviation Training Center certified by ICAO in Northeast Asia
* Aviation Security Training Center

KAC’s Global Airport Projects

  • Since the launch of ‘Global Business Division’ in 2007, KAC has been broadening its business spectrum into 23 countries around the world, including Central & South America, Southeast Asia, and Africa. KAC started its first overseas project ‘Montenegro Tivat Airport PMC’ and has successfully carried out many projects like ‘Airport Operation Consulting for 7 airports in Colombia’, ‘IT system Improvement in Uganda Entebbe International Airport’, ‘Cambodia Civil Aviation Training Center PMC’. Through the successful performances with these projects, KAC has been approved as a trustworthy airport operator in the world. And in 2019, for the nation’s first time, KAC has won a PMO project of Chinchero-Cusco airport in Peru with its accumulated know-hows of airport construction and is planning to export “Korean Smart-Airport System” through the cooperation with private enterprises. In addition, KAC is advancing into new overseas business fields that can secure a long-term driving force beyond the areas previously focused on. In 2017, KAC has been selected as the preferred bidder for the operating rights of Manta airport in Ecuador and now under the progress of negotiating the contract. If the contract is awarded to KAC, it will become the first overseas airport operator in Korea.

Project Record (16 projects in total, since 2007)

  • KAC can give a “special solution” in airport business fields across the Airport Development, Operation, R&D and Capacity Building.
Parts Project Title Duration Remarks
Construction Management New Peru Chinchero-Cusco Airport PMO Project ‘19-’24 on-going
Consulting Montenegro Tivat Airport PMC ‘07-’08
Feasibility Study for the establishment of M/P of Philippines Cebu-Mactan Airport ‘09-’10
Technical Consulting for a new passenger terminal of Cebu-Mactan Airport ‘10-’12
Airports Operation Consulting for 6 Airports In Colombia ‘10-’25 on-going
Cambodia Civil Aviation Training Center PMC ‘13-’18
Airport Operation Consulting for Pereira Airport in Colombia ‘17-’22 on-going
Capacity Building for Kenya Airports Authority Customer Satisfaction ‘17-’19
Establishment of Operation and Development Plan for 3 airports in Ecuador ‘17-’18
IDB Benchmark Study on Air Transportation Korean State-Owned Enterprises ‘7-’19
Capacity Building for Kenya Airports Authority Customer Satisfaction (Local Workshop) ‘19
IDB Benchmark Study on Airport Drone System ‘19-’20 on-going
Strengthening the Capacity of Aviation Professionals in Paraguay ‘19-’22 on-going
IT Terminal IT System Project in Libya ‘12-’13
Improvement of Immigration Management System in Republic of Dominica ‘13-’15
IT System Improvement Project for Uganda Entebbe International Airport ‘15-’20 on-going

Main Global Airport Projects

Project (Peru) New Peru Chinchero-Cusco Airport PMO Project
Period 2019.11 ~ 2024. 10
Business Type PMO (Project Management Office)
Work Scope
· Design Overview
· Support International Procurement
· Contract Management
· Technology Transfer
Project (Uganda) IT System Improvement in Entebbe Int’l Airport
Period 2015. 12 ~ 2020. 09
Business Type ODA (KOICA)
Work Scope
·Airport Operation System Implementation
· Flight Procedure Improvement(ATM)
· Human Resource Development Program
Project (Cambodia) Civil Aviation Training Center PMC
Period 2013. 12 ~ 2018. 09
Business Type ODA (KOICA)
Work Scope
· Establishment of Long-term Master Plan
· Invitational Training Program
· Dispatch Professionals
Project (Colombia) Airport Operation Consulting
Period 2010. 11 ~ 2025. 10 (Six North East Airports)
2017. 09 ~ 2022. 09. (Pereira)
Business Type Operation Consulting
Work Scope
· Airside & Terminal Operating Consultant
· Training - Safety & Security / Facility management
· Evaluation & Guidance of M/P
· Facilities Improvement plan
Project (Ecuador) Manta Airport Operation Project
Period 2021 ~ 2050
Business Type Operation Management (G2G)
Work Scope
· Taking over the operation management
rights for Manta Airport
· Facility/ Investment management of the airport

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