Global Project

Korea Airports Corporation(KAC) is developing future growth drivers and contributing to aviation industry development, through activities in next generation aviation technology R&D and expanding overseas projects. As we lead globalization by displaying an array of enhanced competencies exceeding the primary role of an airport, we will also prepare the future together with our stakeholders and fulfill our roles as a professional airport service provider.

KAC's Global Project - Completed

(2007 ~ 2008) Facility Improvement for the Montenegro Tivat Airport
(2009 ~ 2012) Advisory on Master Plan of Mactan-Cebu Airport in Philippines
(2013 ~ 2017) Consulting for the Establishment of Dominica Immigration Management System
(2014 ~ 2018) Cambodia Civil Aviatoin Training Center PMC
(2017 ~ 2018) Establishing Plans for the Operation and Development of 3 Airports in Ecuador
(2017 ~ 2019) Capacity Building for Kenya Airports Authority
(2018 ~ 2019) Benchmark Study on Air Transportation

KAC's Global Project - Ongoing

(2010 ~ 2025) Operation Consulting for 6 Airports in Colombia
(2015 ~ 2020) Entebbe International Airport System Improvement, Uganda
(2017 ~ 2022) Operation Consulting for Pereira Airport, Colombia
(2019 ~ 2020) Technical Support for Airport Drone System for Navaids and Regulations
(2019 ~ 2022) Project for Strengthening the Capacity of Aviation Professional in Paraguay
(2019 ~ 2024) Technical Assistance in the Implementation of the Chinchero-Cusco International Airport, Peru
(2020 _ New) Manta Airport Operation Project, Ecuador

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