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Situated in Songjeong-dong, Buk-gu, Ulsan, the Ulsan Airport was opened in November of 1970 as the Ulsan Airfield and the regular route between Ulsan - Seoul was established by Korean Air Co. The airfield was suspended in 1973 and then closed down in 1974, but in 1984 the regular route between Ulsan- Seoul was reopened by Korean Air.

In March of 1992 Asiana Airlines Co. established a route between Ulsan - Seoul, in February of 1993 Korean Air Co. established a route between Ulsan - Ulsan, and in May of 1993 Asiana Airlines Co. commissioned a route between Ulsan - Ulsan. The passenger terminal was extended in December of 1997 and allows 60,000 flight operations yearly with a scale that can handle 2,410,000 passengers yearly, and a parking lot that can park 500 vehicles.
Ulsan Airport


1970. 11
Opening of the Ulsan Airfield and commissioning of Korean Air
1973. 01
1984. 07
Recommissioning of regular routes by Korean Air
1990. 06
Operation overtaken by the Korea Airport Authority
1992. 03
Commissioning of Asiana Airlines(Multiple civil aircrafts)
1993. 02
Commissioning of Jeju route by Korean Air
1993. 05
Commissioning of Jeju route by Asiana Airlines
1995. 09
Temporary operation suspension due to runway expansion construction
1995. 12
Recommissioning of aircrafts
1997. 12
Relocation to new passenger terminal
2002. 03
Establishment of the Korea Airports Corporation’s Ulsan Branch
2003 ~ 2007
Airport expansion

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