VOC (voice of customer) Service Introduction

Voice of Customer (VOC) service is like you are solving more quickly the inconvenience suffered renal or questions hasimyeonseo using the airport, it is designed to improve feedback I'd like to offer a customer-oriented service that reflects positively airport operations.

Voice of Customer (VOC) services are registered as blind to His principles, please Register in the Korea Airport Corporation website more conveniently available.

Your words are precious to really dont give a reply within 2 days after you have registered, receive and reply to the progress of completion, we will inform to you via SMS, e-mail. (Excluding Weekends and holidays.)

So we carry out satisfaction surveys via email or phone for a reply, busy for a better service, even if you ask for help.
Slander others, abusive, prank, the contents of the advertisements can be removed randomly, private demand can not be someone else to check the contents.

VOC treatment procedures
VOC 처리 절차 안내
Customers (inquiries, suggestions, complaints, notification) VOC
Channels (call centers and department telephone, in writing, a visit)
VOC system (reception, designated representatives, process and service improvements), and
SMS, EMAIL (progress notification and reply) / VOC treatment satisfaction survey for you to you.

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