Airport Arrival :

The elevator is located at the center. Move freely between the 1st floor and 2nd floor~

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Wheelchair Rental :

Please inquire at the Information Desk. You can rent a wheelchair by entrusting your ID card.

  • Location : Desk on the 1st floor
When You Need Help :

Please inquire at the Desk on the 1st floor or an airline employee. An employee will assist you carefully.

  • Location : Desk on the 1st floor or the airline ticket counter
Security Search & Boarding :

There is a priority search stand arranged for those accompanied by the handicapped·elderly.
You can access priority boarding by following the instructions of the crew at the front of the boarding gate.


Public Transport & Parking Lot Use :
[ Bus Use ]
  • City Direction : The platform is to the right of the exit.
  • Guryungpo Direction : The platform is to the left of the exit.
[ Taxi Use ]

The taxi stand is located between the exit and the parking lot.

[ Rental Car Use ]

The rental car employees are stationed at the airport.

  • Desk Location : Center of the Passenger Terminal on the 1st floor
Parking Lot Use :

Parking lot is open to the passangers for free.

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