Nursing & Maternity Lounge
[ Maternity Lounge ]

An area arranged for children to rest.

[ Stroller Rental ]

Please inquire at the Information Desk. You can rent a stroller by entrusting your ID card.

  • Location : Information Desk on the 1st floor
When You Need Help :

Please inquire at the Desk on the 1st floor or an airline employee. An employee will assist you carefully.

  • Location : Desk on the 1st floor or the airline ticket counter
Security Search & Boarding :

There is a “priority search stand” arranged for customers who are accompanied by children and infants.

※Even if you have a stroller it must also go through X-ray screening.
※ You can access priority boarding by following the instructions of the crew at the front of the boarding gate.
(Only for pregnant passengers and customers accompanied by children)


Public Transport & Parking Lot Use :
[ Bus Use ]
  • City Direction : The platform is to the right of the exit.
  • Guryungpo Direction : The platform is to the left of the exit.
[ Taxi Use ]

The taxi stand is located between the exit and the parking lot.


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