Location : 18 Irwolno, Donghae-myeon, Nam-gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongbuk / Geographical Location : Northern latitude 35˚59´03˝ Eastern longitude 129˚25´00˝ Altitude 20m

Comprehensive Airport Guide(Automated Voice Guide) : 1661-2626

For detailed deion of the directions to the airport please check the next deion.
By Car :
Come out through the Seopohang IC on the Daegu-Pohang Expressway(Expressway 20) and after turning left towards the Bukbu Beach/Passenger Terminal/Jukdo Market on Route 31 turn right towards the Nambin Intersection and then from the Hyungsan Junction turn left towards the Pohang Airport/POSCO direction. From the Airport Three-Way Intersection turn right to enter the airport
By Intra-City Express Bus : 200
Yangdeok - Hwanho Sunrise Park - Bukbu Beach - Poeun Library - Jukdo Market - Plaza No. 5 - Intercity Bus Terminal - POSCO - Pohang Airport - Guryongpo

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