Director's Message

Welcome to visit Sevice Academy of Korea Airports Corporation.
Service Academy was opened in 2005 in order to manage and improve Human Service Quality of 14 airports in all parts of the Republic of Korea.
14 airports including Gimpo, Gimhae, Jeju international airport and conduct including regular CS training for former employees to respond to passengers at 14 airports across the country, etc., the service sector starting in-house CS professor, CS field coach, including for human resource development, training you.

In addition, with the most important elements of stable, with the airport Service Element (friendly, fast, accurate), the service academy to meet and carry out on-site training center.

As a leading public service, we will do our best to be done with careful not to miss even a small portion Human Services to implement a friendly smile and friendly airport image to respond to every staff meeting at the airport.

In addition, the CS has accumulated know-how and services operating at the airport plans to expand in the future, such as education spread to foreign domestic service agencies. Please watch the evolution of our construction services Academy, we will continue to ask for your attention and love.

Thank you.

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