항공교육원 사진
November 1999
KAC Aviation Security Training Center(hereinafter KAC ASTC) opened as the first Aviation Security(AVSEC) Training Center established in Korea on 15 November 1999.
April 2003
Based on the Aviation Safety and Security Act, KAC Training Center has been endorsed as the Specialized Aviation Security Training Center by the National Appropriate Authority on 4 April 2003.
December 2005
opened new courses such as AVSEC Screener, Guard and Airport Security Director Course.
May 2007
EOD manager Course and ETD Maintenance Course was added and total 9 courses were conducted.
July 2008
KAC ASTC was granted a evaluation conducted by ICAO.
September 2010
KAC ASTC was endorsed by ICAO as a Regional Aviation Security Training Center on 13 September 2010.
March 2011
ICAO ASTC Inauguration Ceremony of KAC Training Center was officiated by the ICAO Secretary General on 28 March 2011. Afterwards ICAO Instructors Certification Course was firstly conducted in Korea.
October 2019
Renewal the certification as Vocational Competency Development Training Center by Government for 3years

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