Welcome to KAC ASTC
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Welcome to our Aviation Security Training Center of Korea Airports Corporation(hereinafter referred to “KAC ASTC”), which is the only ICAO endorsed Regional Aviation Security Training Center in Republic of Korea. As you already know, after 9.11 Terror 2001 Aviation Security has exceeded the boundary of one nation, and become an international issue. Therefore, many countries are trying to safeguard the safety of aircraft and passengers by all means.

However, recent attempts to conceal explosive device on board, or trying to bring explosives into the aircraft by cargo shows the existing threat towards aviation security at present.
By the guidance of ICAO, each contracting state is trying to standardize the security measures, in order to enhance the level of Aviation Security. Therefore, training aviation security expert is emphasized, as being one of the core parts of Quality Control.

Based on the Aviation Security Act, KAC ASTC has been endorsed as the Specialized Aviation Security Training Center by Government of South Korea on 4th of April 2003. In order to upgrade our aviation security training system, KAC ASTC conducted ICAO aviation security training courses from 2008 and achieved the endorsement as an ICAO Regional Aviation Security Training Center in September 2010. We also conducted the Inauguration of our ASTC officiated by Mr. Raymond Benjamin, the Secretary General of ICAO in March 2011 Based on our airport operation experience and capability to train aviation security personnel, we will upgrade our country's aviation security status and also contribute to enhancing aviation security level globally. Thank you.

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