Director's Message

항공기술훈련원 내부 사진
Welcome to our Civil Aviation Training Center of Korea Airports Corporation.

Korea Civil Aviation Training Center is the one and only educational institution of civil aviation which has responsibility for cultivating human resources who can achieve the Vision 2030: "World-class Airports Corporation Creating Biz & Life".

KCATC was established in 1984 by the agreement between Korean government and UNDP/ICAO for its development of civil aviation industry in Korea. KCATC belongs to the Korea Airports Corporation(KAC) that manages total 14 airports including Gimpo airport with the other 7 International Airport and Air Route Traffic Co ntrol Center as well.

Not only the internal job training courses about airport management and navigation safety facility management, but we are also participating in the external courses that are for the people who work in the aviation field in developing countries, the foreign customers who bought our self-developed navigation safety facilities encompassing the Ministry of Land Transportation and Maritime Affairs, the army, the air force and varieties of airlines in Korea. We have more than one hundred professional education courses and have developed new fields about aviation security and airport services since 2012.

KCATC has made steady effort to improve technology competence of foreign employees who work in aviation field including the job training for Chinese air traffic controller in 1995. We can say for sure that KCATC is the cradle which is specialized in education for the workers who will make the best flight safety and advancement of airport management. Moreover, KCATC has taken charge of enhancing technology capabilities for the aviation employees in developing counties. Since 2001, We have invited many engineers, policy managers, air traffic controllers from Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle east and Central and South America and provided them with the professional programs such as ILS Maintenance, Navigation Policy, Radar Approach Control through the cooperation with ICAO, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation(MOLIT) and KOICA which is part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MOFA). We promise that we will contribute to the field of International Cooperation, Development of International Aviation and Navigation Safety Navigation through sharing our thirty-year hands on experiences of airport management and Navigation Safety Technology with the help of the international cooperation and support. We also promise we will try to do everything possible to be a World- class global Civil Aviation Training Center. Thank you.

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