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Gwangju International Airport was established in November 1948, where it saw its first commercial flight of DC-3 on February 10, 1949. The airport moved to present location in January 1964 and began its expansion to start operation at a full-scale. Passenger terminal, taxiway, apron and other facilities were refurbished, fully equipping the airport. Since June 1990, Korea Airports Corporation took over and operated the airport up until now.
In 1994, the airport underwent renovation and expansion that increased the capacity of the airport to take on the role as the transportation hub in southwestern part of the Korean peninsula. As a result, passenger terminal handles 140 thousand flights, serving 2.94 million passengers and the cargo terminal is capable in holding up to 56 thousand tons of cargo. Also, the apron and the parking lot came to accommodate 5 mid-sized planes and 945 vehicles at the same time.
Located 5.9km west of Gwangju City Hall, Gwangju International Airport is the main gateway of Honam region. The airport has two terminals for passenger and cargo, two runways, a taxiway, and a parking lot accommodating 945 vehicles. These facilities enables pleasant and convenient use of the airport.
Gwangju Airport


1948. 11
Ministry of Construction and Transport establishes Gwangju airfield
Gwangju airfield terminal is officially opened
1990. 06
Korea Airport Authority takes over and operates the airport
1994. 11
New passenger terminal is opened
1995. 06
Operates regular International routes(Gwangju-Seoul-Bangkok, Gwanju-Busan-Osaka)
1995. 12
Cargo Terminal is opened(renovated the old terminal)
1998. 01
Regular International routes are withdrawn
2001. 10
Operates direct International flights (Gwangju↔Shanghai)
2002. 03
Withdraw regular routes between Gwangju↔Busan (2flights)
2002. 04
Korea Airports Corporation Gwangju Office established
2002. 05
CES launches regular routes for Gwangju↔Shanghai (8 flight/week)
2003. 12
KAL launches regular routes for Gwangju↔Shanghai (8 flight/week)
2007. 11
International flights of Gwangju Airport partly move to Muan Airport
2008. 05
International flights of Gwanju Airport completely move to Muan Airport
2012. 05
Operates regular routes of small aircraft for Gwangju↔Yangyang (6 flights/week)
2014. 09
T’way launches Gwangju↔Jeju route (6 flights/day)
2016. 03
KAL withdraws Gwangju↔Gimpo route (4 flights/day)
2017. 03
Jeju Air launches Gwanju↔Jeju route (4 flights/day)
2017. 06
Jin Air launches Gwangju↔Jeju route (4 flights/day)

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