Airport Arrival :

You can find faster access by entering through the General Waiting Room.

Wheelchair Rental:
  • Location : Inquire at the Information Center
Guide for the Hearing and Visually Impaired :
  • Location : Terminal entrance . PC Lounge within the General Waiting Room
  • Facilities : Tactual guide map of the Gunsan Airport, 110 webcam(Chatting) sign language systems


[ Bus Use ]

If you come out of the terminal and go right for 10M you will be at the bus platform(Intra-city, intercity: Iksan . Jeonju).

[ Taxi Use ]

If you come out of the terminal and go left for 5M you will be at the taxi stand.

Parking Lot Use :

For the handicapped,  persons of national merit who have received a wounded-class ruling, 518 democratic persons of merit who have received a handicap-class ruling, and long-term defoliant patients who have received a handicap-class ruling, all of the following conditions must be met in order for the 50% parking fee discount to be applied.

  1. The recipient is a passenger
  2. Relevant identification(sticker) is attached to the vehicle
  3. A c-o-n-f-i-r-mation document or certificate issued by the nation is presented
    (E.g. : Welfare card, Korea Expressway Corporation toll reduction card, etc.)

However, parking fare discounts are limited to cases of on-site presentation of relevant evidence, and please keep in mind that presentation of relevant evidence as well as refunds are not possible after the fact.

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