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Gunsan Airport, located at Seonyeon-ri, Okseo-myeon, Gunsan-si, was opened on the U.S. military airfield in August of 1970 with the industrial development of our country and operated Seoul flights, and then in March of 1974 during the oil shock it was suspended by way of oil reduction.

In December of 1992 the current Gunsan Airport was opened next to the U.S. military base and operated Seoul-Gimpo routes and Jeju routes, and recorded up to 457,000 users in a year. Unfortunately, with the recent decrease of passengers, the Gimpo route was suspended in May of 2002. As a one-story building built in 1992, 520,000 domestic passengers can access the Gunsan Airport, and outside the passenger terminal is a parking lot that can park 334 vehicles at a time.
Gunsan International Airport


1970. 08 ~1973. 03
Operation of Seoul↔Gunsan route
1974. 03
Airport closure related to oil reduction
1991. 12
Construction of Gunsan Airport’s Civil Aviation Facilities
1992. 12
Opening of Gunsan Airport and commissioning of civil aircraft(KAL)
1996. 06
Commissioning of 2nd civil aircraft(AAR)
2001. 10
Suspension of Asiana Airlines commissioning
2008. 05
1 Korean Air Jeju↔Gunsan flight in operation a day
2009. 02
Commissioning of Eastar Jet (Gunsan↔Jeju)
2 round-trip flights between Gunsan and Jeju in operation a day(2 arriving flights, 2 departing flights)

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