Location : 2 Sandong-gil, Okseo-myeon, Gunsan-si, Jeonbuk / Geographical Location : Northern latitude 35˚40´06˝ Eastern longitude 126˚37´06˝ Altitude 20m

Comprehensive Airport Guide(Automated Voice Guide) : 1661-2626

By Car :
Come out through the Gunsan IC or the East Gunsan IC on the Seohaean Expressway and go straight or turn right from the Okgu intersection towards Gunsan Airport/inner harbor and make a U-turn from the Route 26 on Gonghangno and enter the airport by turning right at Seonyeon intersection
GunSan city Bus :
1, 13
Express Intercity Bus : Iksan Jeonju
Airport - Terminal - Daeya - Iksan - Jeonju Terminal

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