No-Visa Entry System

A system in which entry without a visa is permitted to Chinese passengers who meet certain conditions that wish to transit through Gimpo International Airport in order to go overseas or to Jeju-do, and allows a stay of up to 120 hours in the metropolitan and other areas. (Implemented from June 1, 2015)


Chinese tourist groups that have departed from China(Hong Kong and Macau included) and after entering Gimpo International Airport wish to transit to Jeju-do

※ Limited to Chinese tourist groups that have been recruited by exclusive Chinese or Korean travel agencies authorized in accordance with the agreement(memorandum) between the two countries of Korea and China

Application Method & Qualifications

  • 1 Application for Participation : Sending of the tourist group roster by an exclusive Korean tourist agency via e-mail, data processing, etc., to the relevant airport immigration office(local office) through the Korea Immigration Service Foundation 48 hours before entry.
  • 2 Qualifications of Stay : Tourist Transit(B-2)
  • 3 Period of Stay : A maximum stay of 5 days(120 hours) in Korea’s metropolitan areas including Jeju-do within the bounds of 15 days
  • 4 Permitted Tourism Areas : Metropolitans(Seoul, Incheon, Gyeonggi)

Administrative Restrictions

  • Tourist agencies who violate the conditions of entry will be disapproved for Transit Without Visa when inviting tourist groups in the future
  • Exclusive Chinese tourist agencies must be group visa designation agencies appointed by a Korean office stationed in China, and exclusive Korean tourist agencies are limited to companies that have applied to participate in the system.

Other Conditions

  • Separate collection of a 9,900 Won Transfer Procedure Fee per person
For more detailed information please refer to the Korea Immigration Service Foundation website. (

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