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Gimhae Airport is located in Daejeo 2-dong, Gangseo-gu, Busan, and was first established as the Busan Suyeong Airport in August of 1958 and then elevated to Busan International Airport in September of 1963. In order for expansion of the airport facilities it was renamed to Gimhae International Airport and relocated to its current location in August of 1976. Developing alongside the regional community, Gimhae International Airport is being used by 10,000,000 passengers yearly, and is gradually expanding its facilities for its users’ convenience of travel, and facilities for handicap passengers as well.

By installing cutting-edge communication and electronic equipment required for aircraft take-off·landing in order to create a safe airport, it makes operation in the optimum conditions a possibility.
Gimhae International Airport


1976. 07
Suyeong Airport : Currently on the site of the the convention center(BEXCO) at U 2-dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan
1976. 08
Relocated to Gimhae International Airport
1983. 05
Opening of new complex for Domestic Flights
1992. 12
Commencement of construction for new runways
1999. 12
Expansion of ramps & taxiways
2003. 03
Completion of new runways
2002. 03
Name changed to Korea Airports Corporation’s Busan Branch
2002. 05
Completion of temporary complex for International Flights
2002. 12
New construction of the International Flights Passenger Complex
2006. 08
Name changed to Korea Airports Corporation’s Busan Regional Head Office
2007. 10
Opening of Gimhae Airport’s new complex for International Flights
2007. 11
Opening of the new International Flights Passenger Terminal
2009. 02
Opening of the new International Flights Cargo Terminal
2017. 07
Extension of the International Flights Terminal

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