In Your Seat

  • A simple change of clothes or wearing of slippers is allowed within the cabin, however, wearing only your undergarments or taking off your socks is not allowed.
    Likewise, taking off your shoes is allowed, but please keep from showing to others as much as possible. Shoes are often taken off during late-night flights, so it is suggested that you bring a warm pair of socks or overshoes.
  • Use the lavatory when changing your clothes within the cabin. When calling for the cabin crew it is best to press the call button, make a small gesture when they pass by, or call out quietly when you catch their eyes.
  • When leaning your seat back you must not lean it back excessively. You must return your seat to the upright position during take-off, landing, and mealtimes.
    Pillows and blankets are located in the overhead compartment, but it is best not to use more than one of each as these are used for sleep.
  • All areas within the cabin are non-smoking areas.


  • When the meal service begins, return to your seat and wait with the tray table lowered. After your meal, you must return the tray table to its original position, and at this time please take care not to startle those beside you by closing the table with a ‘bang’..
  • As 1 alcoholic drink is akin to 3 on land due to the air pressure, it is best to drink moderately.


  • As they are unisex lavatories you must lock the door once inside, and during use an ‘Occupied’ sign will be displayed. When unlocked it will display as ‘Vacant’ and can cause other passengers to open the door.
  • After use you must press the ‘Toilet Flush’ button, and if still unclean please wipe down using tissue.
  • Use of the lavatories is prohibited when the seatbelt sign is on.
    When this sign is turned on you must return to your seat and put on your seatbelt as soon as possible.

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