Airport Arrival & Dedicated Parking Zone
[Dedicated Maternity Parking Zone]

There is a dedicated maternity parking zone(30 spots) within the Daegu Airport parking lot.

• Location : In front of Gate 3
[Stroller Accompaniment]

If you are using a stroller, there is an elevator at the center of the 1st floor for your convenience.
• Location : The center of the 1st floor
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Nursing & Maternity Lounge :
[ Lounge ]

•Location : Next to the coffee shop at the General Waiting Room on the 2nd floor

•Facilities : Changing table, crib, washbasin, water purifier, sofa

※ There is a nursing room within the Maternity Lounge.
※ A changing table is available for use.

Security Search & Boarding :

There is a priority search stand arranged for pregnant customer and customers who are accompanied by children and infants.

※ Pregnant passengers can access priority security search and are not required to pass through the m-e-t-al screening. Inquire to the security search personnel to receive a pat-down instead.


Public Transport & Parking Lot Use :
[ Bus Use ]
If you exit Daegu Airport and go straight for 100m you will be at the bus platform.
Cross the crosswalk for the platform for buses going in the opposite direction.


[ Taxi Use ]

If you exit through Gate 2 or 3 you will be see the taxi stand.

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