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Located in the center of Gyeongsang-do, Daegu International Airport can easily connect to the world locationally and functionally, playing the role of Daegu and Gyeongbuk’s sole center of international exchange.
Access is possible within 30 minutes for Gyeongsan, Yeongcheon, and other nearby Daegu regions, and within 90 minutes for Gyeongju, Andong, Pohang, and Gyeongbuk tourist attractions, and it plays the part of Yeongnam’s base airports.
It is the optimum location for attracting Chinese and Japanese tourists who come to see Gyeongju, North Gyeongbuk, and other tourist sites.
Upon the stepping stone of the successful hosting of the 2011 IAAF Daegu World Championships, we will stand tall as the central airport of North East Asia.
With railways such as the Gyeongbu Line and the Daegu Line, and as the key point of Yeongnam traffic through which the Gyeongbu Expressway, 88 Olympic Expressway, Guma Expressway, and Jungang Expressway intersect, Daegu plays the role of the trade and distribution center of Gyeongsangnam-do and Gyeongsangbuk-do, which live up to their names with their world trade center and distribution complex.
Daegu International Airport


1961. 04
Installation of the Busan Airfield’s Daegu Branch
1961. 04
Commissioning of domestic flights (Daegu ↔ Seoul DC-3)
1962. 12
Commissioning of Korean Air
1989. 10
Commissioning of Asiana Airlines
1990. 06
Establishment of the Korea Airport Authority’s Daegu Branch
1996. 02
Commissioning of regular routes for international flights (Daegu → Busan → Osaka:Korean Air)
2000. 06
Completion of Daegu Airport’s reserve runway
2001. 04
Commissioning of regular routes for Daegu ↔ Shanghai, China(China Eastern Airlines)
2001. 05
Opening of Daegu Airport’s new complex
2002. 03
Establishment of the Korea Airports Corporation’s Daegu Branch
2002. 05
Designation of the Daegu International Airport’s opening port area
Completion of the cargo terminal
Opening of the Hotel Airport
2002 ~ 2004
Expansion of the reserve runway’s landing pad
Installation of aircraft refueling facilities
2004 ~ 2006
Installation of the main runway & underpass
2014. 03
Commissioning of T’way Air
2014. 07
Commissioning of Jeju Air
2016. 06
Commissioning of Air Busan
2017. 11
Expansion of aprons
2018. 12
4 million passengers visited in the year
Comissioning of Jin Air

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