Airport Arrival :

You can find faster access if you enter through Gate 2 on the 1st floor.

Medical Facilities
[ Pharmacy ]

For simple household medicines please use the ‘convenience store(Emart 24)’ on the 1st floor of Domestic Flights.

  • Location : East end of the 2nd floor of Domestic Flights, near the Internet Lounge
  • Facilities : Changing table, crib, sofa, high-chair
Emart 24
Wheelchair Use

Please inquire at the Chungcheongbuk-do Tourism Information Center. There is priority seating for the disabled·elderly arranged in front of the Information Center.

  • Location : General Waiting Room on the 1st floor of Domestic Flights, near Gate 2
  • Phone Number : 043-214-2114
Dedicated Handicap Restrooms
[ Dedicated Handicap Restroom ]
  • Location : Next to the City Duty-Free Shop at the Isolated Waiting Room on the 2nd floor of International Flights
Security Search & Boarding :

There is a priority search stand arranged for those accompanied by the handicapped·elderly.
You can access priority boarding by following the instructions of the crew at the front of the boarding gate.


Public Transport & Parking Lot Use :
[ Intercity Bus Use ]

Purchase your ticket at the bus ticket booth in front of Gate 1, and to the left of Gate 1 is the bus platform.

[ Intra-City Bus Use ]

If you exit through Gate 3 and cross the crosswalk the bus platform will be on the right.

[ Taxi Use ]

If you exit through Gate 2 and cross the crosswalk you will be at the taxi stand.

Parking Lot Use :

For the handicapped,  persons of national merit who have received a wounded-class ruling, 518 democratic persons of merit who have received a handicap-class ruling, and long-term defoliant patients who have received a handicap-class ruling, all of the following conditions must be met in order for the 50% parking fee discount to be applied.

  1. The recipient is a passenger
  2. Relevant identification(sticker) is attached to the vehicle
  3. A c-o-n-f-i-r-mation document or certificate issued by the nation is presented
    (E.g. : Welfare card, Korea Expressway Corporation toll reduction card, etc.)

However, parking fare discounts are limited to cases of on-site presentation of relevant evidence, and please keep in mind that presentation of relevant evidence as well as refunds are not possible after the fact.

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