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As a centrally-located base airport that possesses the function of an international airport, Cheongju International Airport is located in the central region of the inner territory 165km away from Gimpo International Airport, 175km away from Incheon International Airport, and 170km away from Gunsan Airport.
It is a strategic location in which the Gyeongbu Line, Honam Line, and other light rails as well as the Gyeongbu, Honam, and Jungbu Expressway and main routes diverge.
As a distribution base as a result of the metropolitan traffic congestion and the development of the new industrial complex such as the Daejeon Government Complex and the Ochang Advanced Science & Industrial Complex, it occupies an extremely geopolitically advantageous location.
Cheongju International Airport


1978. 09
Opening of the air force airfield
1984. 04
Decision of Cheongju’s new airport construction plan
1984. 10
Decision of Cheongju Airport’s general plan
1984. 10 ~ 1990. 12
Working design
1990. 08
Cheongju Airport location set(Current location)
1992. 03
Beginning of the Cheongju Airport construction work
1992. 09
Decision of Cheongju Airport’s established function policy
(Base airport of the central district, alternate metropolitan airport in case of emergency, international cargo airport)
1996. 12
Completion of the Cheongju Airport construction work
1997. 01
Beginning of operation for Korea Airports Corporation’s Cheongju Branch
1997. 04
Opening of the Cheongju International Airport
Ramp expansion
New equipment facility construction
2002 ~ 2003
New cargo terminal construction
2003. 12
Opening of Cheongju International Airport’s Cargo Terminal
Parking lot expansion

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