Korea Airports Corporation (KAC) is in the process of transferring the technology of its patents for both free-of-charge and at a cost to increase its corporate competitiveness and to strengthen the cooperation between large and small businesses. Please find below the detailed procedures, requirements and eligibility to apply.

List of available patents

  • (Number of available paid patents: 30)

    Grant target of patent free of charge table
    Number Division Classification Application Date Registration Number Title of Invention View Details Note
    1 Patent Electricity 2010.11.24 10-1185802 Aeronautical Light Cable Unit [Details] Complete
    2 Patent Communication 2006.02.28 10-0783724 The computer using GPS time synchronization system and method [Details] Ongoing
    3 Patent Communication 2010.11.24 10-1149399 Security System Using Motion [Details] Ongoing
    4 Patent Electricity 2011.06.14 10-1244375 Dynamic electric generator [Details] Ongoing
    5 Patent Machine 2011.07.06 10-1275256 Toilet system for comprising a smoking inside and an exhaust system [Details] Ongoing

How To Apply Technology Transfer

Free patent license application and other documents (1 copy each) (※Refer To The Form) Method Of Application : Korea Invention Promotion Association for the patented technology market boards(

  • Method of Selection : Decision will be announced at the end of every month after complete review of the applications
  • In case of multiple applications : Select the best candidate after reviewing the business plans
  • In case of single application : Decision will be made after reviweing the business plan
  • Application period : applications are accepted all-year-round.

※ The security passes should be returned to KAC within 10 days from the date of its termination.

Number of available paid patents: 6

Grant Target Of Patent With Charge Table
Number Division Classification Application Date Registration Number Title of Invention How to technology transfer View Details Note
1 Patent Patent 2010.12.29 10-1207521 Cooling System Exclusive License or transfer [Details] Grant Complete
2 Patent Machine 2011.03.19 10-1227906 Shelter structure for energy saving Ordinary license [Details] Ongoing
3 Patent Machine 2012.11.23 10-1358267 Baggage for structure carousel Ordinary license [Details] Grant Complete
4 Patent Machine 2011.06.14 10-1275255 The elevator surveillance cameras installed in drafting method Ordinary license [Details] Grant Complete
5 Patent Machine 2012.12.21 10-1299596 Belt conveyor system comprising a luggage pinch prevention structure Ordinary license [Details] Ongoing
6 Design Machine 2011.11.07 30-0678643 Belt conveyer Ordinary license [Details] Grant Complete

※How to apply: Participate in the bidding announced on the online board of Korea Invention Promotion Associationt (

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