About KAC

airports corporation creating biz & life

Korea Airports Corporation was established in 1980 to carry out construction, management and operation of airports and to manage air transportation efficiently. As an organization specializing in airport management, KAC manages and operates total of 14 airports in Korea including Gimpo, Gimhae, Jeju, Daegu, Muan, Cheongju, and Yangyang international airport. KAC also manages the Area Control Center, 10 VORTACs and Korea Civil Aviation Training Center.

Under the Vision 2020, we aim to create "Biz & Life", as a world class company specializing in airport management that provides impressive customer services and fulfills social responsibilities. Highly committed to value, securing aviation safety and achieving customers satisfaction, KAC will continue to provide service which employees can be proud of, satisfy the public and get the trust of the customers in managerial standards and operational excellence in building public confidence.

In accordance with the trend of world''''''''''''''''s airport management, KAC has been proceeding with a project called "Sky City". Under the "Skycity Project", KAC has built shopping and leisure town, medical facilities and cultural places that combine environmentally friendly cultural space and commercial facilities together to transform Gimpo International Airport into an airport of new concept.

Gimpo international airport has been operating 6 international routes to 3 countries including Japan, China and Taiwan since 2003. Also, with the accumulated managerial know-how and constant endeavor on R&D on air navigation systems and airport operation equipments, KAC is leading the aviation IT technology through developing its own IT products such as DVOR, FIS(Flight Information System), and RFID(Radio Frequency Identification). KAC is planning to focus on investing in improving the foremost safety and customer service to fulfill the basic duties of KAC. Also, with the know-hows gained from airport management and operation, KAC will strive to work harder to fix its stature as "a globally recognized organization specializing in airport operation and management".

Mission Statement

  • To efficiently construct and operate the airports
  • To promote airport transportation
  • To Contribute to the national economic development and the promotion of public well-being

Major Business

  • Management and operation of 14 airport nationwide (7 domestic airports, 7 international airports)
  • Construction, management, maintenance, expansion and improvement of airport facilities
  • R&D of technology related on construction, management & operation of airport facilities
  • Production, Sales & Export of the system developed by KAC
  • Airport consulting and overseas airport operation
  • Projects of local/national government for construction, management and operation of airports

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