Phone Number Guide
Classification Institution · Company · Affiliation Name Phone Number Notes
Korea Airports Corporation’s Gwangju Branch Comprehensive Airport Guide 1661-2626  
Management Team 062-940-0319  
Facilities Team 062-940-0332  
Night-Duty Room (Public holidays, nighttime) 062-940-0310  
Resident Institutions Busan Regional Aviation Office | Gwangju Airport Branch 062-940-0202  
Gwangsan Police Station | Airport Loss & Found 062-602-3384  
Jeonnam Provincial Police Corps 061-289-2164  
Firefighting Air Force 062-606-4671  
Airlines/Ground Operation Agencies Korean Air Co., Ltd. 062)942-0111(1588-2001)  
Asiana Airlines Co., Ltd. 062)607-6400(1588-8000)  
T’way Air Co., Ltd. 062)958-3910(1688-8686)  
JEJUair 070-7420-1582~3(1599-1500)  
Jin Air 062)435-9090 (1600-6200)  
Air Korea 062)942-0116  
Asiana Airport Co., Ltd. 062)607-6431~4  
Sales Facilities GS25 062)383-7704  
Airport Gallery 062)942-0405  
Air Cargo Korean Air Co., Ltd. 062)942-5840 Cargo Terminal
Asiana Airlines Co., Ltd. 062)607-6425 Cargo Terminal
Iljin Air Cargo Co., Ltd. 062)943-8571 Cargo Terminal
Woori Haewoon Airlines Freight Co., Ltd. 062)942-9585 Cargo Terminal
Noori Sea & Air Cargo Co., Ltd. 062)942-9300 Cargo Terminal
Food & Beverage Companies Welly&(Cafeteria on the 2nd floor of the passenger terminal) 062)941-9685  
Angel-in-us Coffee 062)944-9451  
Toastluck 062)941-9112  
Subcontractors Joeun System Co., Ltd. 062)940-0394  
KAC airport service Co. (Parking Control Room) 062)940-0389  
KAC airport service Co. (Power Complex) 062)940-0371  
Other Tourism Information 062)942-6160  
Airport Bus(Limousine) 062)527-2214 not available
Lotte Rent-A-Car 062)955-8000  

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